A Sprint represents an activity period when a selected set of User Stories are to completed. The activity period can be based on time or on a phase that is meaningful to your organization. Once a project has been created, Sprints can be created any time.

  1. To create a Sprint, navigate to ‘Projects’ from the left-hand navigation panel and then select the project you wish to work on.
  2. This will position you on the Project’s Street Board.
  3. Click on the ‘+ Sprint’ tab and the Create Sprint screen is displayed.

  1. Provide a Sprint name that is meaningful to your organization. If you are in the software development industry, you may have adopted a numbering scheme that may be just as simple as Sprint 1, Sprint 2, and so on. For non-software projects a Sprint name based on project phases like Design and Fabrication may be more meaningful.
  2. Provide a Start Date for the Sprint.
  3. Depending on your PlanStreet configuration, the End Date will be automatically assigned by the system. If you need to use a different End Date, please contact your organization’s PlanStreet Administrator for assistance.
  4. Set the Sprint Status to Active. A Sprint must be Active in order for your team to work on the User Stories assigned to them in the Sprint. Until the Sprint is marked Active, it is considered to be in a planning stage and only the Project Manager(s) can see the Sprint and the User Stories in it.

To save the Sprint, click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen and then ‘OK’ on the confirmation screen. After successfully adding the Sprint, you are returned to the project’s Street Board.


After a Sprint has been created, User Stories can be assigned to it.

  1. Locate the User Story(s) in the Backlog you want to assign to a Sprint.
  2. Drag User Story(s) one by one to the desired Sprint.

Once a Sprint is Active and has User Stories with resources assigned to them, your project team can see their individual assignments on ‘My Street’ during the dates that the Sprint is active. If the Sprint starts on a future date than current date, the Sprint is not visible to the team even if the Sprint is marked as Active.

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