• After creating your Agile project, you will be directed to the Street Board tab for the project. If the project was created at an earlier time, you can still get to this tab by going to the Projects module, and selecting the project title.

    To begin creating a new sprint, you need to click on the green button labeled “+ Sprint”. This is located to the left of the Backlog box.
    This will open the sprint pop-up window where you can name the sprint, fill out the goals, set a start and end date, and pick a color. The “Prior Sprint” category refers to the Sprint that occurred before this one.
    Check the Active box if you want to make the Sprint active. Important note: There can only be one active Sprint at a time.

  • After completing all the fields, you can click the blue “Create” button at the bottom of the pop-up window. Another box will appear to show that the sprint was saved successfully. The new sprint will appear next to the Backlog box.
    Drag the appropriate User Story (or Stories) from the Backlog to the Sprint.

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