The Tasks Delayed and the Tasks Ahead bar charts show the user how far or behind they are on completing their tasks. There are two sets of vertical lines (planned and actual) that will appear along the horizontal axis that represent the amount of time in days for each phase or task. The legend at the bottom of the chart shows that blue lines represent the planned amount of time, and the black lines represent the actual amount of time it took. The tasks delayed bar chart is to show where you are behind, while the tasks ahead chart is to show where you’re exceeding expectations.


The Tasks Due This Week and Tasks Completed Last Week are the next two bar charts on the dashboard. Again, the vertical axis represents the amount of time in days, and the horizontal axis shows each task or phase. The blue line shows the estimated amount of time it will take to complete each one, while the black line shows the actual amount of time it took.


The Tasks By Status chart breaks down the status of each task into four categories: new, in progress, completed, and flagged. You can hover each section to see exactly how many tasks are in each category. The Tasks By Progress Status is similar, but is shown as a pie chart.

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