1. Select Street Resources from the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Click ‘Add Resources’ to add new resources.

Provide the personal information for the new individual on the Personal Details screen.

  1. Provide the individuals First and Last Name. You can also provide their Middle Name/Middle Initial, and a Display name if it should be different than the First Name + Last Name.
  2. Select the ‘Roles’ that the individual has in your organization. While a person can have multiple roles in your organization, their specific role on a project cannot be specified.
  3. Provide the individuals ‘Email’ address. Depending on how your PlanStreet Solution Administrator has configured the application, this email is used to send notifications to the individual regarding their task assignments.
  4. The ‘Start Date’ is defaulted to the beginning of the current year but can be changed to reflect the actual start date. It should be noted that the ‘Start Date’ cannot be greater than today’s date.
  5. The ‘End Date’ can be set at the time an individual is being added if that individual is a contract resource or is available to projects for a specified length of time.
  6. If you are using the PlanStreet Solution’s cost and profit features, provide the individual’s hourly cost rate and their external charge rate.
  7. You can add a picture of the individual by clicking on the ‘profile’ image and pick a .JPG or .PNG file from your computer.
  8. Click the Next Page Arrow to add address and miscellaneous additional information about the individual. None of the additional information is required. You do not need to click ‘Save’ before proceeding to the next page.

To save the resource, click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen and then ‘OK’ on the confirmation screen. After successfully adding the resource, you will be taken to the individual’s Profile Page.

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