The Import feature allows you to copy and paste data from another source into PlanStreet. The ability to Import data into a specific function of PlanStreet is indicated by the ‘Import’ button on the top right-hand side of a function.

  • Click to Import button to open the import pop-up screen
  • Note the data values that can be imported for the selected function. For User Stories / Tasks, you can select if the imported items are to be inserted into the Backlog or into any of the already defined Sprints
  • Using a data table format (Excel, .csv, .mpp, and even Word) format the data to be imported to match the data identified on the Import screen. Only Task Name is a required in order to import User Stories / Tasks into your project. While you do not need to provide all the data that you are able to import into PlanStreet, we are doing so in our example below.
  • All the tasks are now visible on the Import screen. You can add more tasks by clicking the +Add button, and also delete tasks that you do not want to be added. Click on ‘Create Tasks’ to add the new User Stories / Tasks into your project.

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