While the Kanban Board format is the more common view of an Agile project, PlanStreet Project Management product does support a List View of your Agile project.

  1. Start by viewing the project’s Street Board.
  2. Click on ‘List View’.

The List View of an Agile Project may be useful for project managers transitioning from Waterfall methodology to Agile as it allows you to see the project data in a format that you are used to. By scrolling to the right, you will also have a view of the actual hours logged against the project, and all the project’s financial information.

  1. Note that User Stories that are still in the Backlog are not shown in the List View because they have not been scheduled to be worked on yet. Also note that each user story has the same timeline as the Sprint it is in.
  2. User Stories in Agile project methodology are planned to be completed in one Sprint so their duration is the same as the length of the Sprint.
  3. Number of Work hours can be planned based on how resources are allocated to the User Stories but may not be of great value if the Sprints are 2-3 weeks in length.

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