The Resource Directory is used to maintain where individuals belong in your organization in regards to division, department, supervisor, and teams. You can identify the roles the individual performs, set the default cost and charge rates, and maintain a skills and certificates inventory for your employees and contractors.

  1. Select Street Resources from the left-hand navigation panel to add, change, and manage information about your organization’s people.
  2. Resource Directory main page is always defaulted to Grid View which shows a card for each individual in the system.
  3. Tree View provides an organizational structure view of all the individual in the system and can be useful in quickly identifying how the supervisory structure has been set up in system.
  4. List View provides a spreadsheet style view of all the individuals in the system. This view also allows you to export all the resources to a MS Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Click on the ‘Add Resources’ button to add new resources.
  6. Click on the ‘Resource Allocation’ button to view how resources have been allocated to projects.
  7. Keyword Search allows you to use ‘type-ahead’ filtering for the Teams list.
  8. Filter the Resource Directory entries alphabetically, by Division, and/or by Department.
  9. Use the Import option to add multiple individuals at once.

9. Use the Import option to add multiple individuals at once.

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