Add a phase, task, or milestone to the project.

Edit a phase, task, or milestone for a project.

Delete a phase, task, or milestone for a project.

Directs the user to the project template page.

Allows users to export the project to one of the following formats; XML, Excel, iCal, PDF, and PNG.

Task Toolbar Cont. (1)

Shows a complete listing of all the project tasks and phases.

Return the grid to Project-level view.

Hides all of the tasks for a phase of the project.

Displays the project’s critical path; which is the longest distance between your projects start and finish date, including all your tasks and the duration of each.

Displays the project’s baseline; which refers to the initial cost, scope, and schedule of the project, and functions as a measure so the project will not deviate.

Task Toolbar Cont. (2)

By default, all phases and tasks are shown. This button lets the users choose to only view the low priority items, medium priority items, or high priority items.

Display settings. Select the desired column headings.

Used to publish the project.

Users can choose to look at their project in list view, timeline view, or Task Center view.

Indent and outdent buttons.

Move forward or backwards.
Expand the view to full screen mode.

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